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Day Visit to a Luxury Resort

Maldives is famous for its luxury resorts, we offer our guests the opportunity to spend a day in such a resort, Hudhuran Fushi Resort. Enjoy the luxury island tour with your loved ones.

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Fishing Trip

The fishing trip will be organized in the evening, bait and fishing line will be provided. If you are lucky enough to catch any fish it can be cooked, grilled, BBQ or fried to your liking from our restaurant for an extra charge.

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Island Hopping

Set sail to explore islands closer to K. Dhiffushi, this is a half day trip. Experience local culture on other islands and the way of life.

Nurse Shark Snorkeling

Snorkel with the sharks with the presence of an experienced guide and explore other marine life of the Maldives. Set your gopro to capture the majestic moments with these ocean bests.

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Sand Bank Trip

Sandbanks are small sand islands without any trees surrounded by blue lagoons, this is an ideal location for relaxation and exploring the beauty of the Maldives. Beach umbrella and beach towel will be provided during the tour.


Maldives is famous for its underwater beauty, if this is the first time you are in the Maldives, Snorkeling is a must try excursion. There are nearby reefs namely Fish Point and Turtle Point to snorkeling near Dhiffushi. You will not be allowed to touch any marine life or stand on corals as this will damage the environment. If you are snorkeling for the first time or not a good swimmer please inform your guide

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Sunset Dolphin Cruising

Tour will start one hour before sunset, you will be able to see the sunset while looking for Dolphins. Please note that sighting Dolphins is not guaranteed. You may take this tour privately or with a group as per your preference.

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